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SENZO is a Graffiti Artist, born in 1985 in Bordeaux, French and Moroccan currently living in Casablanca and Bordeaux. He played there for a few years in a collective of graffiti artists named "PLACEBOSTUDIO" and "THE CREW MPS, a collective that gathered artists from Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Algeria,. it is a major street art in Morocco, he Graffiti Professional player in France in 1999 and then went to live in Morocco to its developer graphics style. Enthusiast hiphop culture since his youth, his work today is characterized by a style rather abstract graffiti graphics. Generation 1985 "it feeds its origins to find its way between Eastern and modern universe. Between 2003 and 2010 he made several trips to England, Morocco, Spain, Germany, the United Arab Emirate to attend a
different Festival Street art, multiplying meetings and exchanges with young artists and let his artistic trace.


The year 2010 will be decisive: his meeting with young people practicing calligraphy give birth to original walls where the lettering are made with Arabic letters in a modern style throughout Morocco. Senzo are developped art in Morocco while traveling in cities to create a Meetings of styles Casablanca festival with street art artist of the Arab world (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria Tunisia.


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